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HARYANA GOVERNMENT AFFORDABLE FLATS 2BHK@19.90 LACS / 3BHK@25.68 LACS AVAIL GOVERNMENT SUBSIDY UPTO 2.40 LACS* # As Per Haryana Affordable Group Housing Policy dated 19.08.2013 At Habitat 78, there is a little more to everything. A little more joy, a little more happiness, a little more smile and a little more to life. Nestled in the elite pincode of Faridabad, Habitat 78 offers a lifesty1e that gives convenience, comfort, elegance and bliss for life. Location Advantages # Gated community on 75 meter bypass road # 5 minutes drive from FNG Expressway # 10 minutes drive from Metro Station - Neelam Chowk # Adjacent to Commercial Sector 79 with mall(s) and shopping complex # 5 minutes drive to more than 14 reputed schools and colleges # Mega hospital planned in near vicinity # Free Manintenance by the developer for 5 years* # Price kept on Carpet Area fixed by Haryana Govt.* # Completion within 4 years from the date of commencement of project. # Upto 90% Home Loan available HOME LOAN BANKERS ATTACHED TO THIS PROJECT SBI, PNB HOUSING FIN. LTD., HDFC HOME LOANS, ICICI BANK, TATA CAPITAL HOME LOANS, INDIABULLS HOME LOANS, DHFL ​Kindly contact us through mail or telephonic to avail the services according to your requirement & let us know the day & time when it will be convenient for you to visit the site so that we organise it accordingly.​ GAURAV AGARWAL DSG PROPERTIES (Regd.) Add. # Office No-7, Avenue Road, Sector-81, Greater Faridabad, (Haryana). Mob: +91- 9818650470, 9811163031
http://dsgproperties.in/haryana-government-affordable-flats-2bhk@19.90-lacs-/-3bhk@25.68-lacs avail-government-subsidy-upto-2.40-lacs* #-as-per-haryana-affordable-group-housing-policy-dated-19.08.2013 at-habitat-78,-there-is-a-little-more-to-everything.-a-little-more-joy,-a-little-more-happiness,-a-little-more-smile-and-a-little-more-to-life.-nestled-in-the-elite-pincode-of-faridabad,-habitat-78-offers-a-lifesty1e-that-gives-convenience,-comfort,-elegance-and-bliss-for-life. location-advantages #-gated-community-on-75-meter-bypass-road #-5-minutes-drive-from-fng-expressway #-10-minutes-drive-from-metro-station--neelam-chowk #-adjacent-to-commercial-sector-79-with-mall(s)-and-shopping-complex #-5-minutes-drive-to-more-than-14-reputed-schools-and-colleges #-mega-hospital-planned-in-near-vicinity #-free-manintenance-by-the-developer-for-5-years* #-price-kept-on-carpet-area-fixed-by-haryana-govt.* #-completion-within-4-years-from-the-date-of-commencement-of-project. #-upto-90%-home-loan-available home-loan-bankers-attached-to-this-project sbi,-pnb-housing-fin.-ltd.,-hdfc-home-loans,-icici-bank,-tata-capital-home-loans,-indiabulls-home-loans,-dhfl ​kindly-contact-us-through-mail-or-telephonic-to-avail-the-services-according-to-your-requirement-&-let-us-know-the-day-&-time-when-it-will-be-convenient-for-you-to-visit-the-site-so-that-we-organise-it-accordingly.​ gaurav-agarwal- dsg-properties-(regd.) add.-#-office-no-7,-avenue-road,-sector-81,-greater-faridabad,-(haryana). mob:-+91-9818650470,-9811163031/b4
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