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M3M FOOD NATION - ASSURED LEASE GUARANTEE, SEC- 65, GOLF COURSE EXTN. ROAD, GURGAON 11% Assured Return.Located in centre of Golf Course Ext road. Call for best Shop. Upper Gound Floor Shop – Lower Ground Floor Shops – Assured Rental Income – Ground Floor Shops. M3M 65TH AVENUE GURGAON THE BIGGEST NEW FOOD HUB OF GURUGRAM This Low maintenance, immensely equipped Hi-Street Retail with all the best features to match the excellence of a big shopping mall - in an outstanding location amidst a prime catchment and in a place where there's none of its semblance anywhere in its vicinity! LOCATION ADVANTAGE: Being located centrally, M3M Food Nation has high probabilities to stand out. Or, even go on to set a new benchmark! KEY FEATURES: Now, speaking about the 7 unique features of M3M Food Nation, it is important to note that no other existing Hi-Street Retail with a option of Shop and Dine comes anywhere close to it ! 1) BRAND LEGACY - M3M has never ceased to impress one and all with the quality they deliver & business ideologies they adhere by. 2) LOCATION ADVANTAGE - Being located centrally, M3M Food Nation has high probabilities to stand out. Or, even go on to set a new benchmark! 3) STRATEGIC POSITION - Food Court on Ground Floor gives high visibility & direct access to footfall. 4) PVR – A sure shot entertainment to get maximum footfall with 8 screen PVR 5) DENSE & CAPTIVE CATCHMENT : 20, 000 +families in proximity & 40, 000+ families near by . 6) DROP OFF FACILITY : Drop off at various points eases movement and one is not hassled to walk miles to reach the desired destination within the complex. 7) EASY PAYMENT OPTION : Trust us when we say it is the best in the present market since it allows the buyers to pay only a minimal booking amount of 40% Now and then on possession offered, hence easing out on the pocket and giving the time benefit. 11% Assured Return – To secure your investment with regular income PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS:- - Huge food street with Big Multi Cuisine Restaurants - Dedicated service area & lift - Strategically located in heart of Gurgaon on Golf Course Ext. Road - Great connectivity from Golf Course Road, Sohna Road & NH-8 - Amidst a dense & captive catchment THE SIZES: Food Court ranging between 850 - 1350 Sq.Ft JOIN HANDS FOR IMPECCABLE SERVICE & CALL +919811163031, 9999920137 ​M3M FOOD NATION | Sector - 65 Golf Course Extension Road THE BIGGEST NEW FOOD HUB OF GURUGRAM
http://dsgproperties.in/m3m-food-nation--assured-lease-guarantee,-sec-65,-golf-course-extn.-road,-gurgaon 11%-assured-return.located-in-centre-of-golf-course-ext-road.-call-for-best-shop.-upper-gound-floor-shop-–-lower-ground-floor-shops-–-assured-rental-income-–-ground-floor-shops.-m3m-65th-avenue-gurgaon the-biggest-new-food-hub-of-gurugram this-low-maintenance,-immensely-equipped-hi-street-retail-with-all-the-best-features-to-match-the-excellence-of-a-big-shopping-mall--in-an-outstanding-location-amidst-a-prime-catchment-and-in-a-place-where-there's-none-of-its-semblance-anywhere-in-its-vicinity!- location-advantage: being-located-centrally,-m3m-food-nation-has-high-probabilities-to-stand-out.-or,-even-go-on-to-set-a-new-benchmark! key-features: now,-speaking-about-the-7-unique-features-of-m3m-food-nation,-it-is-important-to-note-that-no-other-existing-hi-street-retail-with-a-option-of-shop-and-dine-comes-anywhere-close-to-it-! 1)--brand-legacy--m3m-has-never-ceased-to-impress-one-and-all-with-the-quality-they-deliver-&-business-ideologies-they-adhere-by. 2)-location-advantage--being-located-centrally,-m3m-food-nation-has-high-probabilities-to-stand-out.-or,-even-go-on-to-set-a-new-benchmark! - 3)-strategic-position--food-court-on-ground-floor-gives-high-visibility-&-direct-access-to-footfall. 4)-pvr-–-a-sure-shot-entertainment-to-get-maximum-footfall-with-8-screen-pvr 5)-dense-&-captive-catchment-:-20,-000-+families-in-proximity-&-40,-000+-families-near-by-. 6)-drop-off-facility-:-drop-off-at-various-points-eases-movement-and-one-is-not-hassled-to-walk-miles-to-reach-the-desired-destination-within-the-complex. 7)-easy-payment-option-:-trust-us-when-we-say-it-is-the-best-in-the-present-market-since-it-allows-the-buyers-to-pay-only-a-minimal-booking-amount-of-40%-now-and-then-on-possession-offered,-hence-easing-out-on-the-pocket-and-giving-the-time-benefit. 11%-assured-return-–-to-secure-your-investment-with-regular-income project-highlights:- -huge-food-street-with-big-multi-cuisine-restaurants- -dedicated-service-area-&-lift -strategically-located-in-heart-of-gurgaon-on-golf-course-ext.-road- -great-connectivity-from-golf-course-road,-sohna-road-&-nh-8 -amidst-a-dense-&-captive-catchment the-sizes: food-court-ranging-between-850--1350-sq.ft join-hands-for-impeccable-service-&-call-+919811163031,-9999920137 ​m3m-food-nation-|--sector--65--golf-course-extension-road the-biggest-new-food-hub-of-gurugram/b44
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